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Five for Friday 1.2.16

I may be a day late, but I am determined to get as close to my New Year's Resolution blogging schedule as possible...  so here I am with Five for Friday Saturday!

If you'd like to join the fun, it's not too late to visit Doodle Bugs Teaching for her fun weekly link-up!

On Tuesday I got to meet up with my sweet friend, also named Pam - you might know her better as Little Bird Kindergarten:

It's so hard to believe we met just last year, as we were starting to collaborate on Hello Sunshine Teachers.  Do you have those special friends who you may have only known a short while, but who you feel like you've known forever?  That's how I feel about Pam!  It was super great to spend time together this week, sharing wonderful conversation over a delicious French brunch!

How am I only now using SitSpots?!?  I've seen them mentioned all over the place for months now, but only this week did I order a bunch for my classroom!  I ordered bright blue and bright green circles for assigned seating in our Community Circle gathering place - my big fourth graders sit THISCLOSETOGETHERWITHTHEIRBESTFRIENDS if I let them...  and we all know how THAT goes!  I think they will actually like having their own spots to sit on; I'll update you with their reaction later!  I also ordered strips in the same color; they come on a roll that you cut to size.  I am going to put little marks on the carpet where each desk goes, with the sincere hope that it will reduce the Wandering Desk Syndrome currently plaguing my little classroom!

Thursday and Friday I participated in a sale with my friends from STEM Activities for Kids - each of us listed two of our favorite STEM products for 20% off.   Other than the fact that I love collaborating with these amazing ladies, my next-favorite part of the whole experience was that it prompted me to put together my growing bundle of STEM Sessions!  My fourth graders absolutely LOVE our STEAMy Wednesday STEM Sessions, and I've been meaning forever to package up my units to share with others.  I'm so excited to share them now!  I've also included supporting resources like book lists and graphic organizers - all the things that I find useful in my own classroom.  

Yesterday Mr. Hedgehog and I went to a family wedding!  The bride and bridegroom were absolutely adorable, the wedding was lovely, and the reception was too much fun!  (Whenever the DJ puts "Brick House" on - and he did last night - I am a happy girl!)  Although I was going for a glamor shot to show off my fancy earrings and first ever updo, I realized as I posted this photo that I also got a clear shot of two rolls of fadeless bulletin board paper propped up next to The Littlest Hedgehog's carseat!  ("You Might Be a Teacher If...")

I am a longtime fan of Me & My Big Ideas from way back in my scrapbooking days, so I was very happy to see that they have planners!  Their current crop of planners is on sale, so I picked this beautiful gold polka dotted planner with lots of pretty accessories.  They should be arriving any day now, and I am so excited to start using them!

Have a lovely Sunday - and if like me you are returning to school on Monday, enjoy your last day of break!!!

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