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Hello, New Year!

Like so many of us, I've resolved to make improvements in the way I do certain things. One area that I want to improve on is how I blog, and one way that I plan on making that improvement is to participate regularly in link-ups.  Link-ups are such a great way to develop and nurture online friendships and collaborations, and they also provide a way to stick to a regular blogging schedule.

It's kind of hard to choose between all of the wonderful link-ups out there!  I did come up with a list for myself, based on my personal interests:

The 1st of the month:
CURRENTLY by Farley at Oh' Boy 4th Grade

The 1st Friday of the month:
Five for Friday by Doodle Bugs Teaching

The 3rd of the month:
PICK 3 PINTEREST PARTY by PAWSitively Teaching, Just Reed, and Inspired Owl's Corner

The 2nd Thursday of the month:
THEMATIC THURSDAY by Carla at Comprehension Connection

The 15th of the month:
SHARING SUNSHINE by Hello Sunshine Teachers

I might change this list as the year goes on, and if I do, I will update this post.

Here I go, starting with my first linkup of the year!
(Today is also the first Five for Friday of the year, and I hope to post that later tonight.)

I'm often not able to watch programs at their scheduled times, so thank goodness for TiVo!  I absolutely love Hallmark movies, and it is such a treat to get to binge watch them on weekends and breaks!

I love the way that 2016 has started.  We have a family wedding to attend tonight, today is the second day of a 2016STEM collaboration I've been participating in with my friends at STEM Activities for Kids, I've got all sorts of projects planned for my classroom and store, we've got lots of fun activities going on with our family and friends...  This is a busy time of year, but so much fun!

There's something inherently comforting about ORGANIZING.  It's a terrific way to feel "in control" of even the most out-of-control projects and intentions.  Family photos, the linen closet, my Narnia cupboards at school, exercise regimens, meal plans...  Once I get it on a To Do List, I just feel like it's all going to turn out OK!

Oh dear.  Peppermint Fudge has been a very NON macro staple of my eating these days.  I haven't had any yet today, but that's only because we ate the last of it last night.  Now if I can only convince myself not to whip up another batch...!

As soon as I publish this post and comment on a few friends' posts, I need to hop in the shower to go get my hair done for tonight!  I'm still in my fuzzy pink robe and sock monkey slippers!

My word these days has been COZY.  (Hence the fuzzy pink robe and sock monkey slippers!)

Happy New Year to you all!


  1. Peppermint fudge sounds delightful! Hence, why I don't make those things. I would eat it all and couldn't stop! I also love organizing and I've been thinking about going deep in on some organizing around the home myself. I hope you get it all sorted out!


    1. Thanks, Myranda! And I have a wicked sweet tooth, so I try not to make too many of those goodies! xo Pamela

  2. Pamela, I love your post and your fun blog! I love watching cheesy Hallmark movies, too, and I especially love the way I feel after organizing! I think I may have to steal your idea and make a list of monthly linkups I need to participate in :) Have a fabulous year!

    Elementary Brown-ies

    1. Thanks, Maegan! I hope you have a great year too - and thanks for your sweet comments about my blog! xo Pamela

  3. I love your list of link ups you are planning on! I'm working on being more intentional with my blogging this year as well. I'm an organizing junkie too... I love dreaming up plans and getting it done! Have fun at the wedding tonight!

    1. Thanks, Melissa! We did have a lot of fun!!! And I hope that we both are successful in our blogging resolutions this year! xo Pamela

  4. Happy New Year STEM Friend! I love your one word - cause today I am wearing a pajama shirt with jeans. I actually bought several pajama shirts to wear as real shirts. They are just cozy and warm! Have a great January!
    Teachers Are Terrific!

    1. Thank you, Carol! I need to blog soon about how happy I was to win those very fun gift cards in your drawing!!! And LOL about the jammie shirts - I recently bought the cutest fuzzy hoodie from Target - in the PJ section! And I wear it with jeans! Have a great week! xo Pamela

  5. I'm in love with your linky list/schedule! I need to make one for myself... great idea!

    Years That Ask Questions

    1. Oh I am so glad that my list idea inspired you, Sarah! It's the only way I stand a chance of staying on track! Fingers crossed that we all stay on our blogging schedules this year!!! Have a fabulous 2016 and thank you for reading and commenting! xo Pamela