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Five for Friday

Well I am just so darned excited that I can barely contain myself!  What is this hedgehog SO excited about?  I'll tell you...  right now as I link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching and her weekly Five for Friday!

Here's why I'm so excited:  This is me again!  (Actually, "this" is me in my Elderly Educator costume for the 100th day of school last year - I blogged about it here - but it was only photo I had on hand of me looking teacherly!)  

I retired from teaching... but I REALLY missed being in the classroom with kiddos...  So long story short, I just accepted a position teaching fourth grade!  I could not be more excited, and the timing is perfect.  I'll spend the next week setting up my classroom and planning while the students are on Fall Break, so we'll be ready to start the rest of the year together when they get back next Tuesday!

So that giant YIPPEE!!! you heard earlier today?  That was me, accepting my new principal's kind offer to join their learning community!

I just love fall!  

Last night I went to a committee meeting at a friend's house, and I wish I took photos to share!  Her house is decorated so beautifully.  She even has a tree with tiny orange fairy lights and pumpkin ornaments!  I am pretty sure I NEED to copy her :o)
And speaking of pumpkin...

I don't think I eat much of pumpkin anything during the rest of the year.  Pumpkin Pie is about it - and truth to tell, I could eat Pumpkin Pie every day!  I rarely think of pumpkin anything though other than that.  But the minute the pumpkin spice goodies start showing up, it becomes my favorite flavor!

Another reason that I love October is that it is the birthday month of my son, John.  He's 29 today, but this photo from long ago remains one of my all-time favorites.  Look at the love on his face as he nurtures his baby dinosaur!   Melt my heart!

Last but not least, we're announcing the winners of our Third Grade Tribe giveaway that we held last week in conjunction with our Fall in Love with Teaching blog hop!

Winner of the $50 gift card to Teachers Pay Teachers is Leander J.  Winner of the $25 TpT gift card is Amanda W.  Congratulations, both of you!  

And the winner of my giveaway - the Fall into Autumn Dictionary Skills packet and the $10 gift card to Amazon - is Amy from The Core of Grade 4!  Thank you so much to all who participated!

Happy October, everybody!


  1. Congratulations on your new position-- saw that on instagram too! I love fall and particularly October as well... thought it got cold way too fast here in Chicago. Have a wonderful weekend!

    Years That Ask Questions

    1. Thank you, Sarah! And Chicago may get a little cold... but it is one of my VERY favorite cities! You have a wonderful weekend too! :o) Pam

  2. The educational world is lucky to have you back in the classroom Pamela!! We must meet up at some point my friend :-)

    Yes!! Pumpkin everything please!! It helps me feel like it's fall :-) I've lived in AZ for most of my life so I've never experienced a typical fall. My husband is from New York and I get so jealous when he tells me about fall on the east coast. I'd be thrilled so see a sea of yellow, orange, and red leaves!

    1. Thank you for your very sweet comments, Maribel! And yes, I would LOVE to meet up - we will have to plan something!

      I know what you mean about missing a typical fall - I was born and raised in Alaska, and have lived in AZ most of my adult years, so the only time I've experienced the traditional type of autumn is in the year that I lived in Wisconsin!