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Pick 3: December's Top Pinterest Picks

True Confession:  My 7:15 a.m. playground duty does NOT rank on my List Of Favorite Things.  It's getting chilly out there, and I can always think of at least 17 OTHER things I'd RATHER be doing in that half hour before the first bell...   

But wonder of wonders...  duty this morning was fun!  Sure it was chilly, and sure there were lots of things on my To Do list that I would have rather been doing, but I found myself honestly enjoying duty this morning.

I think that it is as simple as this:

'Tis the season!  

All of the kids came to school smiling, as though expecting something wonderful to happen today.  I witnessed moments of kindness between students, older siblings hugging their little brothers and sisters as they escorted them to kindergarten...  kids on the soccer field extending a hand to someone who took a tumble... 

This morning's duty pretty much zipped by as child after child stopped by to share something special about right now, or to share something exciting about what they're looking forward to in the near future.  Decorations are going up, family visitors are booking tickets and claiming dibs on guest rooms, favorite shows are starting to enjoy prime time promotion...  there was even talk of a cool book... and a new tortoise... a haircut... and a mischievous puppy...  Before I knew it, the bell rang.  And I realized that I had not minded duty one little bit.

Yes, it's that time of year.  I love it!  December brings with it comfortable tradition, and hopeful anticipation...  cozy snuggles...  and joy.  It's contagious, whether that feel-good exuberance is on the school playground... or on Pinterest!

I saw this linkup on two of my regular blog stops - Crockett's Classroom Forever in Third Grade and Confessions of a Teaching Junkie - and immediately thought, "What a great idea!"  I've been a big squeaky chicken a bit apprehensive about jumping into the blogosphere... but this is a blog post I can write!  Pinterest, you say?  Yes!  Yes, I Pinterest!  I can very happily share with you a few of my current faves...

And that brings us to:

This linky party is a new monthly event hosted by Lisa at PAWSitively Teaching and Marissa at Inspired Owl's Corner.  On the third of each month, these lovely ladies share their Top Three finds on Pinterest that they plan on using in their classrooms.  They also invite the rest of us to join in the fun, and they even provide cute graphics for us all to share!

So without further ado, here are three pins that I plan on using soon in my classroom:
Click on the image to see the original pin.
This pin features a variety of science experiments and activities, including growing crystals, making candy cane goo, and - how cool is this - creating science kits to give as gifts!

Click on the image to see the original pin.

This pin takes you to a site chock full of crafts (some are even edible!) that are perfect for any classroom, because they are not directly reflective of any specific holiday.  Rather, you'll find a variety of snowmen, penguins, winter gear, and more - all designed for young crafters to create successfully.

Click on the image to see the original pin.

This particular craft clay smells of peppermint, is cool to the touch, and SPARKLES!  Really, what more could you want in a winter creativity medium?  I can't wait to try it out!

You'll find lots more evidence of my Pinterest addiction ideas to use in your classroom on my two boards created especially for this time of year:  {Seasons} Winter and {Holidays} Christmas!