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My New Year's Resolutions

I have an unhealthy obsession a purposeful affection for To Do lists, and I think that all of us who are similarly afflicted motivated would agree that New Year's Resolutions are like the Big Mamma Jamma of all To Do lists.  So imagine my delight when I saw that my blogging buddy - the awesome Mrs. D at The Third Wheel - is hosting this perfectly-timed linky party:

It's super easy to play along!  Just go to Mrs. D's blog to download her graphic.  (But be careful, because she has tons of great things to read about, so you Must. Stay. Focused.)  Fill in the list (squee!), blog about it, then link up!

Here's mine:

Home: Your resolution related to your home life and/or family
Plan and Prepare Dinners
I have always enjoyed cooking and baking; in fact, those culinary endeavors typically are at the top of my "favorite activities" lists.  However, during the work week, it's just overwhelming sometimes!  I've decided to start planning, to become more intentional about my desire to nourish my family.  To be honest, sometimes the plan will be "Go out to dinner" or "Mr. Hedgehog's fabulous grilled chicken."  Planning does not always entail cooking... but it does save us from last-minute (and usually less-than-healthful) pizza orders and pantry foraging.

Work: Your resolution for yourself as a professional
Grade and Record Papers Before Leaving School
Confession 1:  I sometimes bring home giant humongous piles crammed into bulging-to-the-point-of-exploding tote bags the occasional stack of papers to grade.
Confession 2:  Sometimes they never make it out of the car  I do not get them all graded at home.
I resolve to wrap up this important part of teaching each day before I leave for multiple reasons:
*It will provide me with immediate knowledge of each student's understanding
*It will allow me to reflect on the value and success of the _____ (fill in the blank - lesson, unit, assessment, etc.) while everything is still fresh
*It will free me from the stress of procrastination
*It will increase the amount of undivided attention I am able to share with my family at home

Health: Your resolution about your health and personal wellness
Do 30 Minutes of Cardio First Thing
Remember how I just said that I love to cook and bake?  Well, I am a foodie through and through... Regular exercise has to enter the equation.  (Mr. Hedgehog calls it "Playing for the tie.")  I love yoga and ballet, but the only sure-fire guarantee I've got is a quick 30 minutes on the elliptical first thing in the morning - then everything else is frosting on the cake (or cellulite OFF the bum).

TPT/Blog: Your resolution for your blog or TPT store
Blog Three Times Per Week
I am very excited to start blogging more actively, and my true goal is to blog about things that matter.    I absolutely love sharing my teaching resources, and blogging seems like a natural extension of that.  I know how much I love reading other educators' blogs about effective instruction, timesaving tips, and overall best practices - so that is what I want to blog about!   Please join me in 2015 as I try to achieve this goal!

Hop on over to Mrs. D's blog and grab your New Year's Resolutions stuff to personalize and share - then I would love for you to leave a note here so I can go read YOUR resolutions!

Happy New Year!


  1. Thank you! (And when I found that hilarious cat, I just HAD to include his picture!)
    Happy New Year! :o) Pam

  2. How are your resolutions coming? Come back and check in for gets you closer to your blogging resolution. Double whammy!!

    Mrs. D
    The Third Wheel's New Year Resolution Check Up

  3. Good morning, Mrs. D.! I will update tonight with a post - I need to get back to blogging! Thank you for the little nudge, and have a wonderful Wednesday! XO Pam